A Ride Up the Mountain

This is largely a travel blog, and we are not doing any traveling these days. I think I’ll show a bit of what we are able to do. We are fortunate that we live on a ranch with room to move around and stay busy without feeling restricted. The rural area we live in is spacious. We can go off our property safely, easily maintaining an adequate social distance from other people.

here are some photos of a recent ride on one of the routes available to us. This one goes up the mountain through some small agricultural barangays. I’m riding Pinatubo here.

When required, I can wear a mask.
The forested trail first overlooks some upland rice fields.
Some of our neighbors are fencing off their land.
Many of our neighbors must coax a living from stony, inhospitable ground.
Sadly, slash and burn is the primary option available to the mountain farmers.
We ride past the homes of our mountain neighbors. Most of them are indigenous people of the Ifugau ethnic group.
Areca palms produce the nut called “bwa “ in the local dialect. The nuts are the main ingredient in a popular chewing mixture often called betel, after the leaf the ground nuts are wrapped in.
Eventually, the dirt track leads to a more populated area.
We pass still more cultivated fields and broad vistas.
Eventually, we arrive at the little barangay of Cabuluan.

From Cabuluan, we retrace our path back down the mountain to our ranch at Inner Earth. The ride takes about 3 hours at a leisurely pace. We often meet farmers and others going about their business. Sometimes groups of children have to be warned not to rush up on a horse.

We consider ourselves fortunate to live in such a rural area. We can move about and even socialize a bit without too much worry.

One comment

  1. My wife and I hiked up the mountain to visit some neighbors yesterday. The road to Cabuluan is being paved now. Surprisingly, it will be a 2 lane affair.

    Perhaps the municipality is looking towards heavy usage in the future as a major farm to market road.


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