November is considered a time of thanksgiving.  In the United States, it is a national holiday, celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November of each year.  In temperate climates, November marks the end of the harvest season, and the beginning of the cold months of winter.   I’ve found that bit of information useful in explaining The American Thanksgiving holiday to Filipinos who have never lived outside the tropics.  A bountiful harvest that will support you through the winter until crops will grow again is certainly reason for giving thanks.


There is no winter here in the Philippines.  It is not unusual in our area to get two or even three harvests in each year.  That in itself is ample reason to give thanks.  I thought it appropriate to list some of the things that I am thankful for since retiring to our ranch in 2017.


  • That we have been able to retire to this small farm in the mountains, much as we have envisioned for years, is reason for thankfulness.


  • We are still young and healthy enough to enjoy the physical lifestyle we have chosen.


  • Our livestock is thriving. The hooved stock is gaining weight, and our poultry flock has increased, and is now providing both meat and eggs.
  • Our vegetable gardens are well established. Most of the vegetables we eat come from our own produce and gifts from our neighbors.


  • We have enough produce that we are able to share with our friends and neighbors.


  • After some initial problems, our solar powered electric system is working well. We have enough electricity for several modern conveniences.  We have lights, refrigeration, music, and even the occasional movie night.


  • Our long time friend George has been staying with us for some time now. He has applied his myriad skills to advance several projects, mostly cabinetry and woodworking, which would have languished otherwise.


  • I had been somewhat isolated, without male companionship since moving here. With our similar age and interests, and his command of English, George fills that gap.


  • With much help from our neighbors, our first corn crop was a success. Some will be milled to feed our poultry, the rest will be sold.


  • Our ranch crew is dependable and skilled. We are confident enough in them that we are able to travel without worries.


And travel is what we will be doing as we visit family in the United States for the American Thanksgiving holiday.


Thank you all for reading.


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